We want to help you grow your business, that's why we're here. Below we have some helpful case studies & resources that you can use to build profitable campaigns and see how we have helped businesses in the past.


Not only will you learn the 5 key components to running high converting ads, you'll also learn what not to do when running your first Google Ads campaign.

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Case Studies

Facebook Ad campaign for small clothing brand


Campaign objective - Increase sales of a new jumper line.

Budget - £10/day

Campaign run time - 1 month

Targeting - United Kingdom only, 20-45, male and female, new parents, mental health, small brands, home made clothing and other similar interests (inclusive of clients target market)


Our objective was to get our clothing client more sales of her new line of jumpers. We discussed what she had tried before and what had and hadn’t worked. We nailed down her target market and client avatar and from there we designed our ad creative and set our targeting accordingly. 


We started off by testing a few different ad creatives and once we had found what worked, we scaled the winning ad and got great results as you can see below. Overall we put 4 weeks work into this and ran the final ad copy for 4 weeks before and after the initial release. 



Total spent - £267.49

Reach - 25,016

Clicks to website - 387

Sales - 54

CPC - £0.69

CPA - £4.95


The campaign was a success for our client, the launch of her new line went smoothly and she had an impressive amount of sales for the new line. 


We’re now responsible for all of her online advertising and have built a very good working relationship.

Lead generation for a UK based fencing company using Facebook ads

Campaign objective - increase the amount of quotes the client is doing using targeted facebook marketing

Initial budget - £25/day

Final campaign budget - £60/day

Campaign run time - ongoing


The client had already run a few campaigns in the past but with mixed and inconsistent results. We looked at what creative they had used and how their campaigns had been targeted to see where they were missing the mark.


Over the following 2 months we improved on past campaigns, tightened up the targeting and squeezed out better results for a similar budget to what our client was spending before. 


Once we had a winning set of ads, we steadily increased the budget and the results grew with it. We had to pause this campaign as our client was unable to fulfil all of the quotes. We have now turned it back on as a new member of staff was bought on to take over the quoting. 


Overall we spent around 3 months designing, researching and improving on our ads to ensure we got the most out of them before we started to scale. This is a process and just goes to show that if you take the time and do it properly, you can achieve the results you are looking for.


At time of writing we are getting leads for around £13 which equates to 4-5 leads per day. This is a dramatic increase on previous campaigns where the client was only getting around 3-4 leads a week and the most important thing is that this is consistent. We know that when we run this campaign, we will get the same results time and time again. We tweak what we need each month but mostly we leave it alone to do it’s thing.