• Tom Featherstone

What's Your Lead Generation Strategy?

Lead generation forms a key component of any business. If you haven’t got new leads coming in month on month then how do you expect to grow? There are many different ways you can generate leads, either by using a single strategy such as a Google ad or combining strategies to really amp up the sign ups.

Each business is different and as such requires a different approach. What works for the plumber down the road will not work for the new lawyer next door. 

For that reason, you need to take time to properly plan your lead gen strategy so that you can get the best, high quality leads and grow your business month on month.

Below we’ve listed what we believe to be some of the most powerful strategies so that you can start increasing your customer base today

Have a good, well informed website

Yes, this may seem obvious, of course you need a website. But you’d be surprised how many businesses let this slip. Having a good, clear and up to date website makes all the difference these days as most of your potential new clients will most likely Google you before deciding to visit. You could have the best service in the world but if your website isn’t up to scratch, your contact details aren’t updated or your address info is missing then you can kiss goodbye to those leads.

Spend some time going through your website and if you’re not the most computer savvy, there are 1000’s of web designers out there that can help for little cost to you.

Set up a solid social media strategy

You most likely have social media accounts for your business, who doesn’t. But, are you using it correctly to get you new leads? A strong social media strategy can not only advertise your business but it can get you new leads for basically free. Who doesn’t want that? 

Brand consistency across all your social channels is key. You want your people to see your content and know straight away who it’s from. There are a number of different ways to maximise your social channels, from using scheduling apps like Later and Hootsuite, to pushing out paid ads across facebook and instagram. 

However, you may decide that your business doesn't need a strong social presence and that's fine. We would suggest though as a minimum having a Facebook business page set up with an outline of your products and services, business address if you have one, opening times and contact info. You'd be surprised how many people search on Facebook these days.

Get a referral program up and running

Referral programs can be an extremely powerful tool to grow your customer list. By leveraging word of mouth, you can turn your customers into FREE cheerleaders, spreading the word about your amazing business. According to Nielson, 92% of consumers trust referrals from family and friends over and marketing material they see, 92%!!! 

A referral program can be very simple to set up and rewards can be massive. It can be as simple as 10% off for the referrer and referee. Promote across your social channels, website and in your business and watch your leads grow.

Ratings and reviews

Who doesn’t check out reviews before they commit to a sale? Reviews for your business are exactly the same. Social proof is massive when it comes to grabbing new customers so make sure you are getting your current customers to review you, give testimonials, shout about you from the rooftops.

If anything, it’s more free marketing and who doesn’t love that! You can offer something in return for a glowing review, run a competition and a review counts as an entry. There are loads of ways and the more you get the better. 

You can also use this as a way to improve your offering. You will find out what your customers like and dislike so that you can make changes where needed, giving you double the benefits.

Pick an offer that sits inline with your business

There's no point offering a free quote if your service is a set price. Take a look at what you're offering and find the thing that has the lowest barrier to entry and highest perceived value.

If you're a locksmith, you could offer a free security audit with every job. This takes you as the business owner little time but has a high perceived value from the customer.

If you can create a hot offer, it will make all the difference to your messaging.

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