Dentistry Lead Generation Case Study


SleepWise Clinic is the leading dental institute that provides non invasive treatment for sleep apnea and snoring. They have been in business for 20 years, building a name for themselves in the sleep industry.


They have been very successful in print marketing in the past and have used Google Adwords to drive in paid traffic but have not used Facebook advertising before to drive in leads.


SleepWise Clinic recognised that they were leaving a lot of money on the table by ignoring social media marketing and knew they had to improve in this area if they were to stay ahead of competition.


We were contacted to create a social media marketing strategy that would drive warm leads from a cold audience, allowing the client to book in new patients for their sleep apnea appliance charged at $2000AUD.


  • Increase lead flow from cold audiences on Facebook and Instagram

  • Create a system that generated a consistent flow of warm leads

  • Install a tracking and measurement system to accurately track the Return On Investment on marketing expenditures

  • Test, track and tweak campaigns to ensure ongoing profitability

How those objectives were achieved

  • Utilised a sleep apnea quiz that would draw in a targeted audience looking for a solution to their snoring/sleep apnea issues

  • Retargeting strategies were used to scoop up anyone who started but did not finish

  • Daily tracking of campaign KPIs that were set before starting the campaign

  • Conducted conversion rate optimisation and A/B split testing on key conversion pages to lift conversion rates and ROAS

What were the results

  • SleepWise now generates 4x as many leads when compared to Google Adwords for 40% less ad spend

  • An increase in web traffic of 45%

  • SleepWise now has a scaleable, repeatable system to generate new leads at will

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